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Re: What's wrong with my dad? (ear problems)

Originally Posted by Octans View Post
Since around May, my dad has been struggling with a weird ear problem. In May, he began experiencing severe ear pain, pressure in his ear, hearing loss, and a discharge of a clear fluid. He got rid of this with antibiotics he acquired from a local pharmacy.

After a day, the pain died down. And ever since then, whenever he *doesn't* use the antibiotics, he will have recurring instances of plugged ears, clear discharge (sometimes his ear discharges a whiteish chunk. Like if you soak toilet paper in water. Looks just like that) and hard of hearing, but no more pain. He frequently irrigates his ear with a blue bulb syringe and that sometimes brings his hearing back, but it's always temporary. It's like his body is dependent on the ear drops to function properly or else his ears malfunction. He has stopped using the ear drops frequently.

My dad is absolutely stubborn and refuses to see a doctor. What could possibly be wrong with him? And if it's possible to answer, how in the world could I and my family convince him to go to a doctor? He has a "tough guy" attitude. Very stereotypical macho man, to give you an idea of how he is.

I've read about something similar to this before, and it may be that when he's been cleaning out his ears that he's burst his ear drum accidentally! It should heal on its own, but he should probably see someone about this. Sounds like it could be infected perhaps, and he could need to get his ears examined by a nurse/doctor to be able to help him out.

If its going on for more than 2 weeks, I think perhaps it is time to see a doctor who may be able to help him out to heal this.

Remember, a burst ear drum doesnt have to hurt! But what you describe with the discharge being clear and the chunks of things, it sounds like it for sure.

God Bless you and I hope this clears up for him. I hope I've been of some help.


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