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Double Vision While Driving

i only have double vision while driving. I get Double Vision only while driving on long highways. this would seem to be incosequntial an not worth worrying about but i commute 45 minutes through a national park and it is becoming a serious concern. my vision splits everytime i have made the commute in the past few weeks. i have not been to an eye doctor yet (broke 20 year old) and since i have never needed one (20/20 vision). I am unsure about going. so i thought i'd try my luck here first.

I've had this problem before, but only while extremely tired and it was sporadic at best (since i started driving), so i wrote it off. I have no problm driving through towns and such, only on long streches of highway where it starts out slow and gets increasingly bad to the point that the white line from one eye looks like it is in the middle of the road. Any help would be much aprreciated.

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