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Re: LPR- Nearly Cured! READ THIS

I know many of you have suffered for years. I'm happy to say, after being on Vit D3 drops for 1 year I am so much better. It is not a perfect cure but close to it. I originally had planned to get to a score of 65 but I am now going to push my Vit D level to high normal of 80 as I feel like I have not plateaued. One of the things about Vit D and its positive effect on improving LPR/silent acid reflux/burning throat severity is that you feel better very slowly and it takes about a year or more to feel real good. Hope this helps. Be sure and get a base line of what your Vit D score is before you start to take Vit D3. Also I noticed that there is something about the sun that can not be duplicated in D3 drops. The sunshine has properties that D3 drops do not duplicate so I try to get 10-20 minutes of sunshine every day. I have read that high noon is the best time to get those important sun rays.

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