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ive just lost my sex drive all together

heyy guys, ive not had sex in the last month after me and my long term partner split after 3 and a half years. i am 20 and i just cant ******* get it up. i dont why or how, ive just recently started seeing my first love again and never had a problem sleeping with her all those years ago, nor any other girlfriend or random person ive taken home. whats happening to me ? I have just recovered as an alcoholic, drinking 10-15 cans a night, sometimes with spirits on top. and ive smoked cannabis since the age of 14. ive also stopped smoking that and i feel great in myself, im a new person, but ive just lost my sex drive all together.., the foreplay can start and i got semi hard. then when it comes to putting the condom on it just flops :S i am so frustrated, i really really wanna do it but just cant. Been to see my GP and he claims that the alcohol and drug in take is nothing to do with it. He then gave me a prescription for 4 TADALAFIL/CIALIS 10mg, without even checking my medical history or my families history surrounding heart problems. no tests were done and he just said it was nervousness? but how could it be when she was the first person id ever slept with, why would i feel nervous to have sex with her when i love her and want to have sex with her, then it just flops. shes understanding about it but was angry that i wasn't just upfront and honest with her from the start, as it was quite embarrassing to come out with.

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