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Re: Anyone able to exercise with/after vestibular problem?

Seem to be having a relapse of some kind though not as bad. started at the gym working out, and has hung around for a few days. just that whole light headed slight dizziness thing. The light headedness never FULLY went away, was always are of it, but its back to the annoying stage again but not too intense. Maybe i worked out too hard. just keeping this up to date will update again!

(to update from my first post, neuro did all his tests, fine, then ran MRA.MRV of neck, and that came back clear too, and also ran a ton of blood tests, all clear)
currently blood pressure, etc just looked at few days ago all super health. must be WHATEVER INNER EAR thing i officially had just stirring itself up.

Anyone think it could be PLF since I may have kicked it up lifting weights again? or maybe VN or whatever

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