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Re: Wisdom tooth pain

Originally Posted by Sokunene View Post
Hello everyone. I'm a 25 year old mother to a 9 month old baby girl. I found this group while searching for causes and remedies for pain associated with growing of wisdom tooth. The pain has been on and off for 3 years but so far only one has fully come out.
There's a 'myth' I heard that when you have a baby, you can never get your widsom teeth come out again if they had not grown. How true is that? If it is really true then, what is causing these pains on my left side towards the back of my ear starting from the gum and affecting the left side of my neck too.
Your responce is highly appreciated.
Hi, I work in the dental industry. The myth you have heard is not true. Wisdom teeth will only erupt if there is room for them but they can erupt at any time from roughly 16 years and upwards. Best thing is to see your dental surgeon as he will be able to take xrays. Hope this helps you.