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Fibro Cures??

I remember reading in the national fibro magazine (AWARE) in 1996 that fibro is a dysregulation of the central nervous system from the same parts of the brain that cause anxiety – panic – IBS –chemical sensitivity and possibly chronic fatigue. it is well known that drugs only further dysregulate the sensitive CNS. Here in the USA it is about 99% drugs and if drugs worked why are we all still here.

It appears that fibro and these other comorbid conditions have stuck feedback loops in the CNS and have to have the loops broken to recover. Drugs only etch the groves deeper and cause long term changes in a host of neuroreceptors and neurotransmitters.

A major loop is the fight- flight-freeze system that will cause chronic muscle tension with micro tears in muscles along with build up of toxic byproducts from doing isometric exercises 24/7. We keep this loop going by focusing on and or fearing symptoms. A second loop is the pain inactivity loop. Muscles and the entire lymph system that removes toxins work totally on body movement – when we don’t move the lymph and mitochondria pumps fail to work.

As we age and are tense muscles become shorter and shorter – as they put huge stress on the joints – ligaments and tendons.....guess what PAIN!!! Therapeutic stretching (not Yoga) can lengthen the muscles and take the pressure off the other structures......and guess what.....a relaxed muscle sends a message to the brain to relax and stop activating muscle tension....another feedback loop.

So my point is why are we not learning these (and many more) skills and keep taking toxic drugs with long term exacerbation of our symptoms. I have a live to live and I intend to be back to a pain free body and not thinking about the next dose or doctors appointment.

I meditate twice or more each day for 30 to 60 minutes each time– I work on thoughts all day long - I am engaged in a serous whole bodystretching program. I am drinking half my body weight in ounces of water each day. I do visualizations and prayer (non religious) and I exercise in small amounts several times a day . I am on a whole foods dense nutrition eating program with lots of protein and have stopped all supplements as they are not natural to the body

I have been doing this for only a month and I am already 30% better and I am sleeping much better. I am up to a 30 minute walk each day with a hour gentle bike ride in the afternoons. I still have pretty severe pain in the mornings.

I intend to learn more of these skills and no longer take any drugs except an occasional aspirin.

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