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Burning sore lips

Hi, I despitely need your help. Back on July 4th I broke out with a cold sore. I grew up having them off and on and have not had a break out since 2007. As of the 5th of July I was placed on Acyclovir for 5 days. I also used an over the counter cream such as Colgate Orabases to help with the healing because the sores were already present. My bottom lip never really healed, it was always staying red and sore iin the spot the sore original broke out without the swelling.

After 7 days I went back on Acyclovir for another 5 days, because my lips were burning and tingling again. I never did change my toothbrush and was using my lip stick which I never changed as well. After my 2nd dose my lips continued to be sore like a burning feeling and the spot where the cold sore cluster broke out was and is still a little white spot there. Well needless to say I called again the doctor just to get on another medicine call Valtrex. I took 2 tablets twice a day for one day and within 1 1/2 days later my lips started burning again. I went on a 2nd dose of Valtrex and then another. My lips are not breaking out with any clusters of cold sores they are just burning constantly. I also used orajel to help with the burning without success.

So Iím not done yet. I went now to a Dermatologist and she said to use Trimacinolon Ointment and Acyclovir at the same time. Sheís saying itís not a cold sore and I had to have had a allergic reaction to something I ate. She stated the ointment will clear the sore red burning effect and it will also break down my immune system and cause more cold sores so to make sure to take the Acyclovir 3 times a day. Well itís been already 6 days and my lips still feel the same and sometimes worse. I have not ate or drank anything different then Iíve done for well over many years. I Ďm 45 and no signs of Post Menopause.

Can anyone help out to what is going on with my lip. Sometime my upper lips feels burning going on, but is not consistant. I am just having no luck with what I am doing so far. Please help

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