Thread: Fibro Cures??
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Re: Fibro Cures??

I'm with yo all the way One Spirit - I don't take any meds at all and focus on positivity/gentle exercise/stretching/pilates/healthy eating etc etc. I'm currently in Italy for 6 weeks in the most amazing sunshine and I can't tell you the difference it has already made to me (I live in the rainy UK but ovine here permanently very soon) On sunday I cycled 22km AND walked 5km (I used to be super fit before fibro and intend to be again) and didn't ache at all the next day - I'm SO excited and really feel like the old me. I have learnt to focus on what I can do (rather than what I used to) and continue to set goals re fitness etc. The day after I return from Italy I am seeing a Personal Trainer to capitalise on how I am with a view to getting fitter and fitter
I personally see pharmaceutical companies as life savers in that "some" of there drugs literally do just that. Most however are fat cats preying on those most in need of help - they create drugs that rather than "fixing" a problem create a dependancy which means you need more which creates liver/kidney problems which then needs different drugs and the cycle begins again. There's days when I've felt crippled by pain and can hardly walk but refuse to give in and take meds - I still work and live a fab life sometimes with pain thought at the moment PAINFREE - YIPPEE
Love and Light