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Re: new here. in limbo land, I guess


You are entering limbo land, but if you are set up to see an MS Specialist (neurologist who deals with MS patients), then your journey should not last long.

Go online and get a copy of the Revised McDonald Criteria. This is a set of guidelines which most neurologists use in diagnosing MS.

The heat of summer could have been the stressor which cause your symptoms to present. A CT Scan does nothing for you regarding an MS diagnosis. It can be used initially to push the doctor towards a neurogenic cause which would require an MRI. If necessary they can sedate you completely for an MRI. It is not necessary for you to see your MRI images or report. I always wait until my neuro puts them up on her screen and explains them to me. This keeps me from making any assumptions which can lead to needless stress and worry.

Your symptoms can be caused by any number of possibilities. Your language difficulty is not uncommon. I have this whenever I am mentally exhausted. Your brain needs a rest. Turn on the TV and watch your favorite shows. TV watching tends to suppress brain activity which is something which would benefit you at this time.

You actually have a short time until you see the neuro. I would encourage you to write down your problems and onset info in a journal to share with the neuro. Also take some time to relax and enjoy some self-pampering.

IF IF IF you have MS, you are not alone and you have nothing to feel guilty about. You still have a way to go, but please know that you are not alone and I think that you will find that this site will provide good support as well as a place to vent!

Again, WELCOME!!
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