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Unhappy Another post-op problem...

Hi, I couldn't find my old post so I've created a new one.

Its been 2 months since I had my gallbladder removed.
Scars healed very well, no more pain.

BUT Im still having issues with digestive problems.
Since the surgery I've been very careful about my diet, I've avoided fatty food, dairy, spicy food. I was sticking with low-fat food (plain chicken is definitely my friend!) and probably because of that I've not gained any weight since the surgery (I've lost 22lb before the surgery).

I do get good weeks where I don't have any digestive problems, fine stool, no pain or nausea. But these problems hits me suddenly, just like some kind of stomach bug.
Every time I get this 'attack' I get endless diarrhea, constant nausea, fatigue, head ache etc and it can last for many weeks.
Nausea and diarrhea is my main issues since I am emetophobia.
YES I do have IBS but according to the doctor it can't be this bad.

When I had my surgery my surgeon also did endoscopy to check if I have any kind of bacteria and all came out fine. No pylori or any kind of stuff. No ulcer. Just my stomach was 'inflamed'.

Also last week I had blood test and found out that my liver wasn't functioning right, not too serious but he recogns that it could be caused by the surgery since the surgery sort of takes LOADS of your energy even it was lap surgery. My liver was fine before the surgery so there are high chance that its caused by it.
Also did stool and urine sample, currently waiting for the results.

Am I the only one who is suffering from these variety of symptoms post-op?
Has anyone suffered from similar problems?

Thank you

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