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Angry HIV Scare... What do you think ?

Hey guys,
5 months ago , I had unprotected vaginal sex ( no anal) with a girl I have been seeing for a couple of months. She was introduced thru a common friend And have already been told that she was in a monogamous relationship before moving to the USA. We are both educated Indians and fall under a low risk category but there is a chance. I was a virgin before this and she said she was too . I tried putting on the condom but the erection wouldn't stay so when it did we started it with out any condom. Now here is the interesting part.

She said he was a virgin even though her boyfriend and she had physical intimacy , they never had sex ( this is a possibility in India ) . So I assumed he was a vorgin but she wasn't really acting like one. Also, no pain and no blood.

I did not have any ARS symptoms per se , only two mouth sores after about a month I think and very dry skin after about 3 months. I did have a lot of allergys this year more than last year but no fever, no swollen nodes no real diarrheal or headaches.

I am fairly certain she lied to me about being a virgin and that was a reason I was confident about the condom not being there. Also, we did it three times and each time it must have lasted less than a minute.

I know you cannot base HIV over symptoms but I am getting married this December and I am **** scared. All I am looking for is a few words of assistance so I can muster courage to get the test.

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