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Re: acne has ruined my life

Originally Posted by XBOX4EVR View Post
I'm sorry to hear this but hand in there you're still in your early 20's it's still a part of growing up. You will grow out of it.
I know acne is a terrible thing. I had a problem similiar to this, went to the dr mulitple times..nothing. Let me tell you the home remedy, that with alot of experimenting, worked for me. I clean my face, nose, chin or the area thats affected with apple cider vinegar twice a day, its gonna burn, dont rinse it off, let it air dry. Then I apply, its gonna sound crazy, but it has to be this brand, VH essentials, advanced sensitive medicated cream, for yeast infections and lady things. Its in a white tube with pink and orange flowers. Within a couple weeks a looked like a new person.