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Facial Rash... sun induced or sunblock allergy?

When I am out in the sun I get an itchy rash on my forearms the next day I get a slightly raised hive like rash on my face. I always use sunblock but the current rash was after sunblock and minimal sun exposure. My ANA was negative (1/40), as were other lupus indicators. at my last test but my Anti-Ro SSA was positive. I have been diagnosed with discoid/cutaneous lupus on the scalp x7 years. I also have autoimmune thyroid disease. After sun exposure I'm totally wiped out, like I could sleep for a week, not that w/o it I am energetic. I have been blaming thyroid levels on the constant fatigue that I have been experiencing for the past 9 months.

I'm not sure if it's an allergy to the sunblock or a Lupus flare that is just not caught by blood tests taken at the right time. It's very frustrating.