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Guys, I am new here and need some advice. I have metastized PC, which was diagnosed in July 2010. PSA 254, now 5.1, Gleason score 4+4 with some 4+5, treatment has been Cosudex for 1 month and then Zoladex 3 monthly since. I have no pain or sympthoms other than urinary frequency and of course the total package of SE from the HT. My PSA got down to 3.2 in April 2011, since April my PSA see sawed up and down to 6.1 in June 2012, I joined the Prevail clinical trial of MDV3100 in December 2011. My PSA still continued to see saw but finally peaked at 6.1 in June and then dropped in July to 5.9 in August to 5.1, maybe the MDV is starting to influence my PC's PSA number.
My urinary frequency has been progressively getting worse, I am now voiding 12-14 times per day. This includes 3-4-5 times getting out of bed at night. I am on Flomaxtra, but this doesn't seem to be making a difference.
My question is, the pros and cons of a standard TURP, greenlight laser or holmium laser . Which should give me the best outcome, shortest time in hospital, shortest time with catheter (I have had previously experience with a lengthy catheter), and least likely to make my PC worse ?
I understand the holmium laser gives the opportunity for pathology testing of the removed bits of the prostate. But if the procedure will likely effect my PC I may be better to put up with the frequency.

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