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Re: Muscular Pain Questions NEW here


I have a combination of LGMD and FHSMD. (Great to be special for 2 to join my body). I'm a 40 year old white female and I've had MD for 21 years now.

Up until the age of about 30 I could still manage stairs, side paths etc. using a crutch. I've had mild pain during the years but the last 4 years I've deteriorated at a speed.

I had a scapula fusion done many years ago (to look nice) but it was a great flop and over the years my left arm became so weak that I cannot lift anything heavier than a feather with this arm

I cannot walk properly anymore and mostly use a wheelchair. I can still walk (only in my own house) but without shoes because my toes helps me to "grip" the floor when I do loose a bit of balance.

Now my pain scale. My arms start burning when I over use them like washing dishes or cooking. I also get a kind of numb feeling the same as when your leg “falls asleep” (sometimes this is to my benefit that my boys has no choice but to wash dishes for me)

My back is the worse. If I stand to long my back arches to a degree that the pain become unbearable and I have to sit. It is also like a burning sensation or a stabbing feeling.

My upper legs also feels numb when I stand too long and then that changes to a burning feeling.

I use to get muscle spasms in my legs if I overuse them that he muscles contract so badly it looks like an epileptic fit but that passed the more my MD progressed.

Now this is starting to look like a book I’m writing but the conclusion is that I think maybe all MD sufferers might have different kinds of pain with the same MD

I hope this answers a question or 2


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