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Re: IBS 20yr Misery

Hi SB....In frustration, I'll ask a lot of questions. I definitely acknowledge that our triggers may be different. Do you make your own pizza? I tried pizza out and it didn't work...gas, bloating messed me up and yes I love pizza..I just can't eat it anymore. For three weeks I held to the schedule till my birthday last week. And I did go out to eat...just one meal...and I couldn't sleep all night my stomach was roiling and boiling sooooo bad. Okay, I get it just is not worth it anymore to think in terms of trying to be "normal" this early in the game change. In this third week I will increase my fiber to three teaspoons a day. You said that you take yours in the evening at one time. Did you find that by doing so you had better results with more fiber at one time? So far all I can tell is that it seems the more fiber I take, the worse my bloating and gas seem to be getting. Diarrhea symptoms have not changed so far...6 to 8 times a day. I accept your challenge to keep a strict diary of what I'm eating and the consequences instead of just trying to "remember". It really may further help to define what I need to change even now with a IBS diet. And I also will try to add imodium daily. GIVE UP GUMMY BEARS!! OK...I'm open to try anything. Thanks for the help ! Still hanging in there: counterclockwys

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