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Re: Sinus Congestion, Insomnia, Lots of Doctors, and No Answers...

Antihistamines and steroids are not that effective. Do your parents have to sleep with the dogs in their bedroom? The reason why Iím asking this is that, dogs and other pets have pet dent that is known for being a sinusitis trigger. Also has your father had a brain scan/CT Scan to see it he does not have nasal polyps that could be causing this constant congestion.

If you do not mind me asking how big are your fathers nasal openings, if they are small then it could be a deviated septum , associated with genetic connective tissue disorders. You can spot a deviated septum by the following symptoms... infections of the sinus and sleep apnoea, snoring, repetitive sneezing, facial pain, nosebleeds, difficulty with breathing and mild to severe loss of the ability to smell. I hope this was helpful.