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not diagnosed yet !!!

Hi everyone, I have readso much about the symptoms of ms as my doctor said we r ruling this out!! Everything I have read so far points to that direction. At the moment the only symptoms ihave is constant tingling in my feet and calf. I think I have just gotten over a flare up. It started with mild tingling in my right calf and foot then went to feeling like I was having a diabetic pin test in leg instead of finger. Lasted for weeks then doc put me back on pednisolone again (which used to be my best friend but headache took days to settle this time)I don't have diabetis, anyway things just got worse,cloudy head,headaches,stabbing pains everywhere,I could go on for ages. Over the last four years I have been up and down like a yoyo. Back injury is what they kept putting it down too, 2 epidurals in spine to stop restless legs. Both times worked only to come back with new symptoms. Depression for no real reason. Had a nerve conduction testand I don't know what u r meant to feel but it was horrible. No light shocks!! It was intense even in my hand he said tell me when u feel it in ur thumb. Felt nothing in thumb at first but the pain up palm to middle finer nearly made me cry. When I got home I felt so drained and
swollen. Everything fits. All the things I've been complaining about but kept getting told u r ok. Repeat vit b12 shots I'm shattered

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