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Re: IBS 20yr Misery

The reason I take my fiber at night is because whatever I put in my mouth previously, zoomed thru me, so I'd take all meds (vitamins etc) at night when I was home, safe and sound, and near a bathroom. I usually didn't eat anything during the day if I had to be out.

I think you have to limit what you eat for the next couple of months to non spicy, non greasy, gentle on the tummy foods and give your stomach a chance to heal while on the fiber. Eat smaller portions a few times a day as opposed to 3 large meals. Gas can be caused by swallowing a lot of air, so be aware how you are eating when you eat. So often we are in a rush and gobble our foods. I used to count to 32 while I was chewing and keep my mouth closed (no talking) so I wouldn't swallow air. Oh, believe me when I tell you I tried everything to better my stomach issues. I know I tried Beeno and it didn't help at all. Peppermint oil does help, as well as Peppermint Tea.

I wouldn't increase the fiber (it's the acacia fiber right?) until the gas stops.

I'm so hoping you see an improvment soon!


p.s. I forgot to add that when I eat, I try not to drink anything (unless its a PB sandwich!!). I remember reading somewhere that your digestive system works better w/o the addition of liquids so of course, I had to try it.

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