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Re: not diagnosed yet !!!

Me again sorry. The neuologist wouldn't tell me anything. I have to wait till I go back and see rheumatolist which isn't till next month as I still have to have mri. I had so many things going on that I was starting to think it was in my head, but after reading about ms, I'm sure now something is going on. Its hard when u feel ok but u know somethings not right. I would say I have the shakes today but no one sees this. Very poor concentration makes me feel rude but sometime I feel like my lights r on I'm just not home but when I am I'm so with it , ha lots of counselling to deal with personal issues as I thought I was loosing it. Now I can see a light. Want results so I can get things under control, which I think I cam do if I know what I'm dealing with. I'm 46 and have been going down hill of and on for aleast 4 years. Longer when I write down symptoms a medication over the years.