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Re: Please help!! Husband horribly sick for 3+ months and no diagnoses!!!

Well he was referred to this hospital for 2nd evaluation and opinion.
The biopsy was sent to a lab with cancer specialists I think it's called Moffat? 
Well he was seen by an oncologist and nurse practitioner there.
Thank God I brought all the labwork that was done 2 months ago. The nurse practitioner was
EXTREMELY thorough and immediately pointed out some important things that the the infectious disease doctor failed to clearly see or explain!! June 11 labwork showed that he was POSITIVE for Epsteinbarr virus and several strains of coxsackieb viruses.
The infectious disease doctor here only told us that he had been "exposed at some point with Mono". But the test showed his level was 8.0 and it should
have been 0.0 - 0.8!! So this virus was fully active along with Coxsackie !
She personally suffered from Mono a few yrs ago and was hospitalized for 4 wks and it took her 6 months to recover! So she can only imagine the havoc these 2 viruses were causing his immune system.

They went ahead and checked for any possible swollen lymph nodes and he had none,
Also his fevers stopped about a month ago. A few of these facts leads this oncologist to think that it's highly unlikely that it's lymphoma but wants the final pathology report to confirm it. She said that if it was lymphoma he would still get fevers and he wouldn't be improving how he is.
The obvious reason for him very slowly improving is because his t-cells were 316 and 333 at one point due to a chronic virus. She said herself that some viruses are prolonged beyond what most doctors think. I was glad to hear this and glad to know that I wasn't crazy when I read his Epsteinbarr results as being very high and my husband thinking I read the results wrong!!
They took into serious consideration that January of this yr he had a tooth infection with a small abscess that 2 weeks of antibiotics did NOT clear, his lymph nodes became swollen then and by May25 th or so the tooth was taken out, he caught the virus/es within that week and things went downhill fast causing another lymph node to swell to 2.4 cm.

She will call me with the results instead of making us drive 2 hrs.

 I just want the pathology to come back already so we can put our focus on just rebuilding 
His immune system.
He continues to feel much better and on week2 of feeling a whole lot better with the exception of his right ankle still swollen and pain ranges from 5 during the day and like 8-9 at night