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Re: IBS 20yr Misery

Thank you, SB! I also have been cutting back on size proportions to about half. I know that is helping and I may even lose a few pounds. I can't seem to stomach the peppermint pills...too strong..burn a hole in my stomach and give me heartburn. But I've been drinking herbal teas for many years and especially like mint teas so that's a plus. I always drink tea with my meals and in I'll eat and then drink afterwards to see if it helps. As for the Acacia Fiber, I took for granted that it was "Heather's" seemed to be the best out there..hope thats right! Thank you again for all your suggestions. I know that they may not all work for ME..but some may and I'll keep trying and believe something will happen even if its way too slow...I really do want some kind of relief...and I was kidding myself...I was looking for a miracle! counterclockwise