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Re: IBS 20yr Misery

The horrible aspect of IBS is that there is no "cure". Doctors would love to be able to give us a pill and voila...we are all better. But when they tell us to take certain drugs and it doesn't work, and they give us certain tests which reveal nothing, they would like nothing better than to show us the door. I have heard that its all in my head and to be thankful that its not terminal.

It is boards like this one where you can find out really helpful info, different things to try, different things that have worked for others, which will hopefully work for you. I know how happy I was when I found this board and realized that I wasn't alone in my tummy issues.

Yes, it is Heather's and her peppermint tea is awesome too.

Have you ever been tested for gluten allergies? When I first went gluten free, I think I lost 20 pounds because food was so hard to find. My grocery store now has an aisle of gluten free foods.

Try to find the multi symptom imodium. It works on diarrhea, cramps, gas and bloating. I take 2 tablets every morning if I'm heading out and sometimes will take 2 if I'm going out to dinner.