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Re: one year purge-free

You are so incredibly strong! I got so close to that one year mark and thought I was okay but when college ended and I was away from the close friends I started getting anxious again and after getting through it a few times I eventually gave in and purged. I purged a few times those next few weeks and then realized what I was doing to myself and everything I had worked towards and I have been okay now for a few months since I started working. I was let go from my job last week due to a lack of work since it slowed down and now I feel all the anxieties coming back again. How did you do so well? Any advice to help me when it gets tempting? I wish it would just go away and I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore, I still have a hard time eating in front of people anf it sucks when you are hanging out with friends. Hope you really did something special! you deserve it! Also...I too am going at this alone and my friends and school counselors all think i've been okay for over a year since that was the only way I could stay in college.