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Re: Burning sensations. So frustrated!

iv just been hit with UTI today hurts like hell and is so uncomfortable if ur in need of a bit of relief from the burning and this is going to sound so stupid but i did it today and it worked..... try an all natural SUGAR FREE ITS MUST BE SUGAR FREE yoghurt yeast bacteria feed on sugars and no flavouring just a normal plain natural yoghurt i was stupid and ignored the warning signs i was going to have one because iv got lots going on and now iv got even more t add t the list lol iv maybe had it 3 times in 6-7yrs.. maybe its something as simple as the PH of your wee that's making it burn drink cranberry juice i hate the stuff but have drunk loads of the stuff today but again try plain natual yoghurt with no sugar or fruit in make 100% sure its sugar free or it could make things worse.... im taking NITROFURANTOIN 50MG 4 times a day for a week from my doctor hoping the burning goes away soon lol the yoghurt works or it has done for me good luck i hope u find out the cause of the problem and the things iv suggested help you xo

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