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Ritalin: A 40-Day Report...

Thanks, again, to everyone who helped me through the initial cross-over from Adderall IR to Ritalin IR. For the benefit of those who have recently been prescribed Adderall (and at the risk of being discovered in Google search results by all those athletic "swimmers" on the recreational narco-forums), I want to reiterate that amphetamine salts are not bad. They helped me a great deal over the course of the two years I was prescribed them (hear that, "swimmers"? Today's word is "prescribed" - learn it!).

However, as I mentioned in a previous post, cost became an issue and agitation became unbearable. As a result I was given a script for 20mg Methyphenidate 3x daily. So, here now, after fourty days, is my report: 

1. This first week found me feeling rather intellectually clumsy. Stupid, really. At least that was my impression. Others assure me I hadn't actually diminished to any observable degree. But I must admit to not being keen on checking in with others for a daily progress report on my ability to grasp logical concepts, simple as they may be. I'd still like to "feel smart" if at all possible. 

2. After two weeks I began to understand that I was still working at a fairly good pace and remained clear-headed most of the time. Seemingly, as others would have it, I am much more amicable. In fact, I strongly suspect that my family secretly sneaks out at night and burns up a hefty grain offering the gods that grant them a "fixed loved-one" in return for such devotion. But , then again, we're all Christians here so they might just thank God like many normal people do (although imagining that ritualistic spectacle does intrigue some darker part of my brain).

2. Well into my fifth week on Ritalin, I do notice a marked fatigue which appears to creep in rather randomly. But I have a hunch that Ritalin - when taking into account biochemical individuality - may only work its magic for about two-and-a-half hours in my noggin. I notice that if I take 20mg every three hours on the nose the gears turn much more reliably over the course of the day. Which means my doctor (who has already increased the dosage to include another half a pill in the morning for a grand total of 70mg per day) may need to re-up the dose again.

I'd like to see if I could talk him into 80mg per day (20mg at 8AM, 20mg at 11AM, 20mg at 2PM and the final 20mg at 5PM). Is anyone on a similar regimen? Let me know how that works. 

Thanks again everyone!


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