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Re: Daily Struggle with Yawning and Deep Breathing

I have also had to deal with this anxiety symptom. I have found that if you let it bother you, you will continue to think about it and worry about it. The best technique is to try to not care so much. If you yawn a lot, oh well. If you are breathing weird, oh well. It won't hurt you, you might feel a little dizzy but that is okay. If you don't let yourself worry about it, it will soon go out of your conscious mind. The whole point of an anxiety or even pain response is that your body thinks something is wrong so your brain is bringing it to your attention. As long as you think something is wrong, it will keep bothering you. If you can truly believe that you are okay with the yawning and weird breathing, it will stop bothering you. It is a hard thing to do, but very powerful once you get it to work!