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Re: Feeling like I'm the Quack or the Doc I just saw is!

Hi there. Dont panic.
To be honest, nothing in your MRI suggests MS. I know thats not what you want to hear- but its good news!
You may want to switch Neuros or take your films and reports to another one for a second opinion. Was this Neuro an MS specialist or just a regular Neuro? If he wasnt a MS specialist- he isnt qualified to look at a set of films and read them.....MORE importantly- who DID read them? A radiologist who isnt a neurological specialist, may have missed decent MS specialist reads reports- only films.

However, what the MRI does say, is that there are areas of non specific foci- this can be from age, from migranes- or from prior head trauma. If it were MS related, it would be areas of demylination- thats not seen here. So, its quite possible that the MRI was read correctly.

I think that in this case you need to get a second opinion if only for your own peace of mind. BUT I still dont think you have MS to worry about...this is my non-medical opinion; however I have MS, and my MRI reads completely differently.

Try to relax. Your post suggests you are highly anxious over this and rightfully so- its YOUR body (or brain) and you have every right to be upset...but the bottom line is if you dont like the way you were treated by this Neurologist, find one who is better suited towards your needs, and has better bedside manner. In my experience- if you call back and ask to have this doctor return your call, you will probably feel better if you can ask him if he read ALL the reports you sent him and ask for his reasoning on why you dont need to return. Remember, he is seeing 50 patients a day- dont allow yourself to fall through the cracks and if you feel you need more info from him- youre going to have to ask for it.

Try to hang in there....relax and take things one day at a time . I would be looking for a second opinion if I were you.

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