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Crack Addiction

It's been 12 years since i've used and the reason i'm not celebrating it is because of reality.
Reality dictates that the moment you begin celebrating,part of you forgets the hard work you had to endure getting to the point you are currently at.
This allows Murphy's Law to swoop in,just to further confuse the situation and then,without a moments notice there'll be a "perfect storm" brewing and it won't even be detectable....
At least while you're in the eye of it.
The further away the "self-defined" storm moves from the center,the more intense the storm will become.....
Trying to stay on both feet at that point will be close to impossible,as you try and fight your way back to its' epicenter.
Before you know it,you're caught in a whirlwind,with none of those acquaintances that you thought had your back.....well surprise,surprise;they saw this coming from miles away and elected to save themselves and the mere thought of even mentioning it never crossed their mind.
It took me 12 years to finally come to grips with the bad and the ugly,for my own good.

This thread is dedicated to all who have struggled,will continue to and met their demise because of it.

What does one do,when you're swept off your feet(metaphorically) and the storm takes control of your every movement?

You find something to hold onto and hope that the winds eventually subside;they always do.........
How much damage(collateral and otherwise) will be incurred....well......a definitive answer doesn't exist.

One thing that warrants mentioning is that no one ever leaves unscathed.

Just remember that bridges can be repaired but lives cannot.The thing to remember here is that not every bridge needs repair and a few will be beyond this point.
Now that i've lifted my head from out of the clouds,I should prepare a life plan,going forward.

There will be times, that you will be met with a "fork in the road" moment;that point in time which will the defining moment,as you are met with several decisions..
Once you commit to a pathway,there's no turning back.Whatever happens,know that you will need to let it run its course.
The urge to return to the starting point will be entertained,time and again.

I suppose that the two steps forward,one step back saying applies here. The inclination to retreat is instinctual and there will be times,while you're traveling,that your acquaintances will suddenly appear from out of the blue,offering you their support.

They will be the friendly company that misery subscribes to.

Steer clear from them,for your sake.
Remember that you quality of life is at stake.

When in doubt, post it out.

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