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Re: Feeling like I'm the Quack or the Doc I just saw is!


Areas of hyperintensity will light up in patients with Parkinson's, MS, et al. While the faxed results are fine, the actual images are more important because a radiologist read the report and not a neurologist.

There are specialists in neurology who deal with Parkinson's and those who deal with MS. If you start with a neurologist, you should understand what specialty they have. Due to your previous injuries from your automobile accident, a specialist can lay aside those potential symptoms to look for disease specific symptoms.

based upon that which you have written, more needs to be determined. If you have other symptoms, write them down in a journal. The neuro you saw who fired off rapid questions may have been deliberate in observing your response. You can take control by writing down your symptoms and information about those symptoms. Give a copy to the neuro and when the speak, answer at your speed, but with consideration to their patient volume.

You need not feel like a quack, you just need some answers. You have from now until the end of the month. Take the time to make a well organized list of symptoms without mentioning any diseases not looking up any symptoms about other diseases. Focus on you and what you have experienced. If needed, get someone to help you write them down. Make a copy for yourself and one for your doctor. When you see the doctor, go through your list. Also, before your visit, write down several questions you might have. When we get into the office we can often forget things- the list helps.

Again, Welcome. If you have more questions before your appointment, please feel free to ask. You are searching for answers; you deserve answers!
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