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Re: Feeling like I'm the Quack or the Doc I just saw is!

Thanks for that additional information. My neuro would never accept just a written report. She would accept a written report initially if it were written by another MS Specialist, but she would still want to see the MRI images. I think that this should be your case too. If not, I would have a difficult time to trust the veracity of my doctor.

In a run down of your symptoms, there are many and it is a good list. I can tell you that I share several of the same or similar symptoms which, for me, are caused by my MS.

From your list:
Last 5-10 Years
Extreme fatigue
Hip pain (started in left hip, had cortisone shot and it didn't help except the first hour), Pain went away for about 9 months after hysterectomy but has since returned.
Hip pain has now started in right side and is especially noticeable when driving
Left leg feels like it has been through a meat grinder then salt poured on it. Hypersensitive to clothes or touch. Last for days at a time. Travels down leg and usually stops at the foot but sometimes will travel back up the left side of shin.
Shooting pain in head, like stabbing

I do not do meds but the aforementioned- I can relate to all of them.

The pain in your head- where is it located?

Further from your list:

Last 1-5 Years
Cold feet and hands but left foot can be super cold compared to right. Sometimes it feels cold inside but not on the outside.
Echoing and pain in left ear.
Feels like I'm being bit by little bugs or stings. Mostly on legs and torso.
Left ear has pain and sometimes sounds like it is open and noises are so loud they hurt my ear
Left foot started to turn inward for about 3-4 weeks. Went away but I noticed it happening again a week ago.
Muscle spasms/twitches, mainly on left leg but occurring everywhere
Odd sensation in my brain, feels like waves
Problems with heat, don't want to do anything outside on hot days as I hardly can move
Racing heart when tired
Shooting pains throughout my body
Tingling in arms and legs led to burning sensations
Tingling or bugs crawling on the back of my neck
Voice has started turning hoarse when tired.
Walking in to walls or furniture

I have kept those which are the same or similar. I experience pulsatile Tinnitus and there are some sounds I cannot stand. I wear a pair of shooter's ear protectors which are really great. I get those cold sensations mainly in the winter when the temperatures get to 52 F (11.11 c) or less. I will often wear gloves and a sock cap indoors because it is mainly my head and hands. If my feet feel that way, I may add 2-3 layers to my feet.

And as to your last year:

Past Year
Arms and hands fall asleep while sleeping.
Blurry Vision when waking on two occasions.
Breathing difficulties at night while laying down, almost feels like I'm forgetting to breath, sometimes get a gurgling sound in my esophagus
Burning in arms, shoulders, and hands (twice this year lasting for at least two months each, stopped for about five weeks)
Complete loss for words on two occasions the most recent was end of May 2012
Having a hard time picking up my feet to walk on 8-2-12
Joint Pain in right index fingers and at times the elbows
Left big toe is hard to bend, feels stiff
Left foot started to turn inward for about 3-4 weeks. Went away but I noticed it happening again a week ago.
Memory loss-more short term than long term
Muscle tightness in neck, shoulders, and arms. When waking my calves feel really tight for about the first two minutes of walking. I'm constantly stretching those muscles.
Numbness between the large toe and left toe. Is there most of the time but then it goes away for a few days and comes back
Numbness in hands on 8-2-12
Pain in heels but mostly only noticed when laying down and knees are bent
Right foot feels like it is soaking in warm water
Top of left ankle feels overly sensitive, arms, shoulders, and hands burning. Chest pain in left side, feels like pleurisy on 7-23-12
Trouble putting sentences together at times
Vision seems to be worsening assuming due to age.

Again, I can relate to similar symptoms. My vision problems (optic neuritis) last several days. As for resting in bed, I have found that I have less breathing difficulty if my upper body is elevated by at least 10-15 degrees. I have breathing problems and start coughing if I am flat.

The loss of words can be due to MS too (in addition to other possibilities). I have speech and memory difficulties which increase exponentially as I have mental exhaustion (brain fatigue). A long, solitary rest helps with this.

During the summer months I experience numb hands quite often. I will soak them in ice cold water and this seems to help me.

I could go on, but I did not want my reply to be too long. Now, many of your symptoms can be attributed to MS or an MS mimicry disease or physical problem. I would ask for a new MRI with and without contrast of your head through your T-spine. I would also ask for a VEP (visual evoked potential). I think that if you have an MS issue, these two tests would provide some information to justify further testing (my non-medical opinion!).

I will keep your needs in my prayers because you could certainly use some answers!
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