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Re: Feeling like I'm the Quack or the Doc I just saw is!

Thanks MSJayhawk for your prompt replies. I figured some of my symptoms had to be shared by others. The head pain is typically above my ears but not as far forward as my temples. It happens on both sides. Sometimes I get electrical shocks through the frontal lobe as well. Those only last for a second however, the pain near my ear can be there for about 15 seconds.

I will take my list with me to the new neuro, however, if he doesn't want to see my MRI's then I'm going to search for someone that will.

I would just think with all of these symptoms that I would at least get someone to take me seriously. On presentation I look and act fine and that is why I think this doc sent me packing.

I will keep you posted on what happens.

Thanks again!