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Re: fingernail growing back after removal by doctor

Wow, your picture really helps. I'm not sure how painful it is - hopefully it's just looks. I've been told that if it's cosmetic, you can have the nail removed (if you know it won't get better over time) and see a nail tech for a fake nail, even for men, it works. But if you're in pain, they should take it out anyway and you could do the same.

I think what's more frustrating about these situations is the lack of proper communication from doctors. What I mean is, you're not the first person they've seen with this problem and they should easily be able to tell you what's going to happen later and what your options are. Then you don't have to worry because when it happens, you know it was a possibility.

They don't tell you more than you ask, but if you can't anticipate the problems...then what? You end up back in their office wasting money and time. They do it for liability and forget along the way that they're supposed to help their patients.

i'm sorry there hasn't been a better resolution to your finger. I hope you feel better down the road.

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