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Re: Potential drug to stop/reverse PPI dependency

Your bang on with your comments Jane re docs. I think that is true for a number of drugs that are popular. My family doc put me on Prilosec , the specialist on Dexilant and the pharmacist advised me on both , no one mentioned rebound as a possibility.
My family doctor prescribed me Clonazepam some yrs ago as I was in a very high stress job. To his credit he did suggest not to abuse it as it could be habit forming. That was the right thing to do but the stuff I have found on that drug since suggest he should have given me a much stronger warning. I have to say he won't give me repeats though so he does keep an eye on how much I use.
Reality though it is a good thing I look into every drug now myself. I still keep some of the Clonazepam around but is basically for emergencies , some kind of high stress situation such as life delivers now and again.
Reading the issues surrounding withdrawl etc. with that drug it has made some folks lives hellish. It can take 6 months to a year of tapering to get off Clonazepam, issues can range from seizures to acid reflux. Those kind of drugs are just to easily prescribed. In the end they can create a worse situation for those who get used to taking them daily then they are supposed to alleviate.
Docs just don't seem that aware of most of these side effects and the physical and psychological addiction issues for so many drugs they send their patients off with. Good thing for the internet so we can educate ourselves.

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