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Re: Mri analysis

I have just found my surgeons report, post op, and am summarising what he said so it may give a better idea of what I am facing.

The discs were both very collapsed but good quality distraction was achieved at both levels.
Post op, some increase in the neurological deficit was noted in the left arm.
Muscle weakness appears to have increased a grade in the shoulderand both elbow flexation and extension with increased numbness in left thumb. ( I have trigger thumb here so is not really a valid observation and not related to the main problem)
Warned the patient that this was likely given the degree of compression of the nerve roots and the manipulations necessary to clear theosteophyte away from both roots.
I have warned it may take weeks, or several months, for the motorstrength to progressively recover and I hope it will do so to near normal, however, given the intensity and rather protracted nature of the compression, I suspect that long term he may be left with a slightly under-performing left arm.

So that is it. What interpretation do make of this?
The gym is certainly keeping it all moving and I feel that is as important as anything at this stage so it doesn't freeze-up.