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Exposed to amosite Asbestos

I was doing DIY over my holiday from work and stripped wallpaper off utility room using steamer. I did this for 3 hours a day for 3 days. I pulled a cupboard off the wall as wouldn't unscrew and dust went all on me. I didn't wear any protection. I thought it was plasterboard.

I also took a pipe out of the wall that was used as vent for tumble dryer and then i noticed strange construction of the board which was 1cm thick. Bits of broken board were blown inbetween the flue/vent from outside.

I got the board sampled by a specialist asbestos sampling company and it has come back as being made of brown amosite asbestos mostly and some white. It was asbestos insulation board. I have now been panicking for the last 3 days and am worried I am going to die. I am 37. I have read the brown amosite doesn't clear from the lungs.

How likely is this exposure to effect me?

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