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Re: my hairy story

Hi Kotrynaxo,
Facial hair can be so hard to deal with! I have dealt with it for a long time. I have found that electrolysis (from someone recommended by a doctor -- so you don't get a quack) has made a huge difference for me. It takes time and repetition, though, so you have to plan for it and budget for it. There is also a laser treatment -- it did not work as well for me. You might want to visit a dermatologist to discuss the best options.

On the less expensive side, you can buy products to bleach your mustache. It makes the hair lighter and softer. That is an option over shaving or plucking -- depending on your complexion. If you have a dark complexion, blond hair might look odd.

Note that shaving is better than plucking. The hair will grow right back, but you will not damage the hair follicle. Plucking over time will damage the hair follicles and cause the hairs to grow in darker and stronger. Having said that though, I also waxed my mustache...myself, at home, beginning in my late teens. As I have gotten older my hormones have shifted so my mustache is no longer a problem -- so I guess waxing did work for me. (My chin later became my issue -- but electrolysis has made a huge difference.)

I think shaving would be the least disruptive to the follicle if you are just prepared to do it frequently until you can visit a dermatologist to find a more permanent solution. Good luck!