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Re: Crack Addiction

Originally Posted by NeckIssueGuy View Post
I don't believe nobody has posted to this. I will stand up for what I have done as it was a major accomplishment!!!Good luck with your recovery Phoenix
Thanks NeckIssueGuy

Truth of the matter is that things aren't getting any better out there.Everyone is beginning to feel it.
When one looks up and places their hand out for assistance,it's met at times with a person of misery and we all know how misery loves company.

Yes,it is a major accomplishment and you should very well be proud of yourself.
Many will not get to the point we're at for one reason or another yet I still hope and pray that more will be released from the fortress that is created in each one of us who succumbs to drugs.

In my neighborhood,it seems that people have given up on happiness and just settle for mediocrity or lesser.
The inner-city carries its own stigma and it seems that many have bought into it;that things won't and can't get better........not taking the time to realize there's a difference between the two.
Although i'd like to possess the power to,I can't make people realize that possibilities are still available.

It's a sad state of affairs and it's not easy seeing one's neighborhood slowly erode but it's nonetheless happening.
Very few people want to take responsibility for their actions where I live;they're always pointing the finger at someone else.
I'm still not giving up on everyone;it's not fair to do so,as I am sure that there are still those who want better for themselves.
They're just so hard to spot,as a lot of them hide in plain sight.I pray you stay the course,for we need more examples of success stories.

When in doubt, post it out.