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Re: What do schizophrenics do with their time?

In a similar position myself except that I have a family. Even though they are not a big part of my life due to my schizophrenia, I can still talk to them whenever I truly need it, but I don't include them much in my life.
I am also sorry for your situation.

My advise for things to do might not seem appealing to everyone, I know that, but it works for me, albeit just barely at some points.

-I just love playing video games and everything in the VG genre. I spend a lot of time playing just a single game and love 100% completion on them. I also spend quite a time reading all about VG's, the news, the online show's and just getting info on some games.
-I also quite enjoy football(soccer). witch tend to take up almost a hole day when games are on.
-I can usually spend some time watching some stuff on TV, mainly Discovery.
-What I tend do do most parts of most days is simply watching movies and tv shows that I ********. Just try and find ANYTHING you might be interested in watching.
-Of course I do spend a good amount of time surfing the web.
-Then my favourate thing to do is when I get to take gadgets apart and try to fix them, although it doesn't happen as often as I would like.

These are my daily routines, add in some time spent smoking, eating and sleeping.
I don't recommend to anyone spending there day's like I do, but maybe you can take 1 or even 2 ideas from it and make it into something you will enjoy on daily basis. The key is having fun alone.