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19 year olds, feeling like CP is taking over.

Hey everyone.

My names is Nick and i'm 19. I have had mild cerebral palsy of the right side of my body since birth. I've gone my whole life doing physical therapy, wore a leg brace during my younger years, though have never had any extreme surgery or anything. I used botox shots a lot when I was younger but began building an immunity to it, requiring triple the does, something my mom saw as unbeneficial due to the large amounts needed for such a slight change.

My cerebral palsy affects my right side, making my hand and arm stiffin up as well as making it difficult to control my hands and fingers creating the sort of "claw" look sometimes when doing things. My leg is also affected with the spasisity and extreme tightness.

Over the past 2 years now I believe my cerebral palsy has been getting worse. I dont know if it's all in my head but I feel more spastic, I feel as if I'm twitching more and more shakey. I am also suddenly becoming EXTREMELY self conscious around others and notice my cerebral palsy seems to take over when I get this feeling.

i know this could be just me but I'd love to chat with others and hear what you all have to say. It seems as if there isn't much knowledge on us older ones with cp.

I try to strecth and see and physical therapist once a week but I feel like nothings changing and if anything is getting worse. I know that there is no instant cure and that I need to live with this diagnosis but it's really starting to get at me, especially here in college where everyone is "normal". I absolutely dread meeting new people sometimes because I get nervous and my right hand tightens up making for quite an awkward hand shake. Always an awkward way to start off meeting someone.

So, I guess this is just more of a rant. I never get to talk to older people with cerebral palsy and this seems like a nice place.

Thanks for reading.

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