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Re: 19 year olds, feeling like CP is taking over.

Hi, Nick!

I am 19 and have mild cerebral palsy as well. I too feel as if my cerebral palsy has been getting worse. I have been having more pain in my joints and have more fatigue. I also can't seem to walk as as far as I used to (I use crutches) and been using a wheelchair more often whenever I go anywhere.

I know how you feel about being self conscious around others because I too have been struggling with the same thing. I've gotten to a point where I don't even want to meet other people and do not get out of the house much. I just feel so different from everyone else. The fact that I've never met anyone with cerebral palsy doesn't help either.

I recently graduated high school and have considered going to college, but I don't have the self confidence. I made good grades in school, but am still nervous about college. Did you feel the same way before you started college?

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