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Re: 4 hours a night sleep

I'm glad the melatonin helped you! I use it from time to time but never suggested it because it's kind of hit or miss with people. Some people find it works and others feel no help at all. I've done what you did - take a rapid release melatonin in the middle of the night and get back to sleep. I find it to be a relaxing supplement, but some people find it agitates them. And don't be afraid of the recommendation of not taking it long term. I took it for about 3 months every night to help get me back on track. And when I felt my sleep was better, I quit taking it and had no adverse effects like rebound insomnia or anxiety. So take it if it helps. Maybe with better sleep your stress hormones will finally begin to decrease and your sleep will improve. My last bout of insomnia it took 2 full weeks of taking Seriphos and the every other night (sometimes every 2 nights) of a sleeping aid to help me sleep. Now I'm more or less back to where I was (which isn't what I'd like it to be) but not struggling to fall asleep or waking and not being able to fall back to sleep. I just wake up every 2-3hrs fall asleep for another 2-3hrs and wake up, fall asleep etc. At least it's a sleep cycle but it just doesn't feel as restful as 4-5hrs sleep waking and then falling back to sleep for a few more hours.

Oh well, I guess I'm a work in progress. Good luck with the melatonin!! I hope you will soon be able to resolve your sleep issue!

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