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Query over urine strip results.

Hello all

I have been quite poorly for the last 4 months. I noticed my stools had become pebble like and completely white/cream in colour. I was sent for an ultrasound to check for gallstones and that was clear. End of tests. The stools persisted and my GP was not interested and tried to blame all my symptoms on post natal anxiety?? (because anxiety can TOTALLY turn your stools white yes?? ugh) The pain in my kidneys and under my ribs (right side) has persistently gotten worse and I decided enough was enough and paid to see a private gastroenterologist who said the symptoms were not normal and sent me for an MRCP to check liver/bile ducts/gallbladder etc. Results are still pending on this but I'm pleased I'll at least have peace of mind either outcome.

However today I noticed the pain in my kidneys has become increasingly worse and I have urine test strips at home and decided to test myself as I have felt extremely poorly all day.

I am too scared to visit my own GP as they seem to think everything is post natal related so don't want to go and be told im a hypochondriac and not have any tests done so wanted to share the results with others on here as I'm a little concerned.

My Leucocytes are completely dark purple 500+++

Nitrate is negative

UGB Normal

Protein is 300+++

PH is 6.5 normal

Blood is completely dark blue positive BUT I am currently on my period so think this altered the result

Bilirubin is completely dark brown +++ positive

Glucose normal

Ketones normal

I am concerned over the LEU, PROTEIN and BIL results as I'm sure theyre not normal. Im not a doctor but I know my own body and the pain im in isn't normal but I really am too scared to visit my GP now and it's difficult with the baby too getting out and about. What could these results indicate, should i see my GP? Is any of this indicative or a simple UTI even?

Any help would be appreciated at all thankyou xx

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