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Re: My Stroke

Hello and Welcome
We are so glad you found us. I am so sorry for your stroke but it seems you are doing well. Remember you will continue to improve and heal as time goes on. No one knows how much you will heal but you will increasingly improve. You are young to have suffered a stroke but remember, you were saved for a reason, how great is that. When we suffer a stroke its like hitting a wall. Our life as we knew it to be is over and we begin piecing together our new life. The anxiety and stress your right it is a common thread. However there are many natural ways to help cope with the anxiety. There are many wonderful yoga exercises that can be done in a chair and relaxation methods. I found a quiet place in my house and put a comfy chair there. I surrounded the area with pictures and things I love. I have my yoga tapes and my relaxation music. At first I would go there several times a day but now its only once in the morning and once at night. It definetly helps with anxiety, lowers b/p and helps deminish the fear.
I suffered two strokes, the first one went undetected by doctors even though I new something was wrong. The second one they could not avoid dealing with it. I have gone from wheel chair to walker to cane. I had many symptoms which have gone or quieted as long as I stay with in my limits of activity. My level of activity is constantly increasing as I get stronger and stronger.
Never give up, never say I have gone as far as I can go. Constantly moving forward and embrassing our new life remembering we were saved for a reason. Appreciating things in our life we never noticed before and putting the puzzle back together one piece at a time. But this time I am putting the puzzle together with much more care and consideration for myself. Guaranting a greater life.
I am glad you found comfort and information in reading the posts. So many courageous people post here. They have all suffered a stroke or they are caregivers of a loved one who has suffered a stroke. There is no greater source of information that what comes from experience. People going through it, the trials and tribulations, and triumphs. Its never over till its over. Best of Luck and please keep posting and let us know how your doing. We are very glad you found us.
God Bless Mulchie