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Increasingly getting more sick :c bloating, pain, constipation, nausea, fatigue...


being at a point of desperation and getting very depressed about my situation has brought me to these message boards.
I'm hoping someone else knows what else could be going on or what I could do to make it better.

I have been increasingly getting more and more sick since last year. The past 4 months have probably been the worst.

It started with some innocent stomach pains; mainly on the lower right.
I have had extremely bad luck with doctors in the beginning and I felt like they didn't listen to me. Even though I was always clearly saying it came from 1 point of the lower right, they never really focused on that.
I got a blood test at first. It gave an INDICATION that I *could* be sensitive to gluten, no other in tolerances detected, and all my other vitamins etc were fine, including my thyroid.
Of course, once there's an indication, it's like they paste a big fat label on your forehead; CELIAC. Every symptom that has added over time was 'because of gluten'. That's easy to say, and then send someone home to save money on much needed investigation. Having to try gluten free for me was a miserable time; I love breads, pasta and all, I seriously struggled. The most discouraging part was as time passed, things never seemed to get better. They seemed like it for a little while, but then it came back again. I have been gluten free for weeks at first, then months. Nothing ever changed. The bloating in my stomach increased every time and the pain I felt wasn't like how other celiacs had described theirs. And there was still the pressure on the lower right.

Months later when I had finally convinced someone to get a CT scan, she said I was severely constipated and that the part where the small intestine meets the large one was swollen, probably because of irritation of waste that kept sitting there and losing it moistness over time, which had caused diarrhea for me which went around it.

She prescribed me a stool softener (movicol) but when I started taking it everything seemed to get WORSE. I couldn't go to the bathroom. My fatigue increased, my appetite went down (while normally I can eat a lot. A LOT. I have a fast metabolism, I think..) and there was a constant rumbling/bubbling sound going on.
Thinking back of a blood test I had gotten a year before that, they said there had been a parasite in my body. The possibility is I got it in Japan when I was working abroad for a couple of months, where I suffered extreme fatigue, fever and fainting in random bouts the last 2 months, too. I figured the parasite may have been quite aggressive and caused an inflammation/infection where it was swollen on the lower right, resulting in the constipation issues.

Getting off the meds, I decided on my own to do a 3 day detox. Cut out most grains (except one serving a day) all processed food, meat, sauces, dairy.. I actually only consumed veggies, nuts, fruit, some fish, eggs, and muesli which I then started consuming with almond milk.
During those 3 days I definitely was able to empty my body completely, but I can't live on such a strict diet the rest of my life. Needless to say in a short matter of time I was back to where I started. Probably worse.
Another MRI was done, and while the constipation had gotten severe, they said the swelling in my colon was gone, but there was a small part in the large and the small one that was infected, but nothing major.

After this they just sent me home. Right now I'm still suffering the same things. Pain in my stomach, colon, bubbling, rumbling sounds, increasingly severe constipation. I can actually go every day, but I FEEL full. My abdomen looks like it...
The worst part for me about that is that I train 6 days a week, wanting to look fit and healthy. I've struggled with my body image a lot and was on a very low calorie diet before this all started. As I increased my workouts I started eating more sensibly and finally was able to accept the fact I need fat in my diet. Because my belly is so swollen every day I feel miserable, and ugly, like I'm doing it all for nothing. It feels like the more I workout, 'the fatter' I get, even when deep down I know it's not fat.

Because I've been so mentally down, I've had issues with the occasional binge since the start of this year. Something I don't quite understand, since I used to not like sugary treats/chocolate all that much.
Now I crave them like crazy. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes when I feel so miserable about being so sick I can't control my mind and it needs everything that's bad for me, because I keep having to cut foods out and restrict on things I like in fear of getting more constipated or getting more pain while it doesn't even help.

The bloat is very painful, and it really doesn't matter anymore WHAT I eat. My entire abdomen (from the ribcage to hipbones down) feels rigid and hard, like someone pumped a lot of air in there and it can't get out. I barely have appetite, but I still make myself eat every 2-3 hours, small portions throughout the day, usually 1300 calories, around 1500 when I train. I have stinging pains, sometimes a burning sensation, almost like it tickles from the inside out. I feel increasingly tired; I took a laxative this weekend and while it worked, it feels like I still never got my colon empty. I'm just as bloated again as last week.
My guess is going to the direction of candida, which would be very likely after having these constipation issues for so long, it's the perfect environment for it. I'm awaiting test results on that. My main issue is how to solve this constipation, which is the biggest contributor to my physical pain. I have tried lemon water, coffee on an empty stomach. It worked for a short while, but it doesn't have effect anymore now. I start my day gluten free still, and have stopped eating bananas in the morning, and only have berries. I limit my meat, I eat a lot of fiber, I drink a lot, I have stopped drinking black tea for now and now drink lots of herbal teas and water, and have 1 stimulating tea which has senna in it in the morning. I also eat 2 dried prunes in the morning, sometimes some fresh ones. I don't eat refined flours or white bread, or cheese. Since monday I am trying to put a tbsp of mixed chia, pumpkin and flax seeds in my muesli and yoghurt at night, I am taking two different priobotics a day, and a vitamin D, magnesium, and dandelion supplement daily.

I am at the end of my game. The thing that has been worrying me most is that the upper part of my abdomen has started to feel hard, too.

The problem with the constipation isn't even that the stool it's hard; in fact, it's weirdly sticky, almost black, and sometimes seems like it has wide dots/spots all through/over it?

Does anyone have any ideas? And tips? Any ideas what could be going on? Is there anyone around here suffering candida or knows a lot about it that could pin point if that could really be the problem? :c

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