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Osteomyelitis of Mandible - Possibly Returned


I've read a few stories of people with osteomyelitis of the mandible and wanted to share mine.

In September 2010, I underwent a cosmetic procedure to reduce the size of my chin. At the time, I thought it was the best decision of my life. By mid-November i started feeling sharp sporadic spasms of pain. I mentioned it to my GP she thought it was just the nerves healing, and brushed it off.

This continued until about February 2011 when the sharp spasms of pain became more frequent. One morning, I woke up with a small abcess under my jaw along my neck. Within days it increased in size. I immediatley made an appointment with my GP

My GP immediatley realized something was wrong and deduced it to be an infection. She doubted it at the time, but believed it possible that the infection could have spread to the bone (i had no symptoms). She requested a bone scan just to be on the safe side.

Unfortunately for me, what we thought unlikely was actually a reality. I had tested positive for osteomyelitis.

My GP wanted to attack the osteomyelitis aggressively. I was immediatley put on antibiotics and sent to a specialist. My family doctor wanted the metal screw that held my chin together (from the inital surgery) removed. She also requested debridement of the area while undergoing the metal screw removal.

Immediatley following the debridement in March 2011, I was put on a strong course of oral antibotics for 6 weeks.

The specialist noted that my osteomyelitis was superficial, that is to say, it was on the outside of the mandible not deep in the mandible (like someone would have as a result of a root canal, etc.)

She said I was lucky.... It could be worse, there have been people who have lost their jaws as a result of this but that i looked like i'd be ok.

For 18 months she's been right, I have been ok. Until about 2 weeks ago, when i started getting sharp pains and swelling in almost the exact same area as before. My GP is trying to reassure me again, she says its rare for osteo to come back after a year after the aggressive treatment I had. We caught it early and eradicated it.

Not to be unfair, but she was wrong before. She thought osteo was unlikely then, and she could be wrong that it's back.

Nevertheless, we agreed to err on the side of caution. I was sent for for a conventional xray and some blood work today. She is looking into getting me for a radiological scan ASAP as conventional x-rays are not very good at detecting osteo in the early stages.

We're hoping that if the Osteo has returned, we can catch it before it does some serious damage. I'm disappointment she didnt put me on antibiotics as a preventive measure, but at least this is going somewhere.

I have a bad feeling though that just wont go away. I know something is not right, I dont know what it is though. I just pray it's not the osteomyelitis back with a vengeance.

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