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Re: New and Scared! Opinions please!

Originally Posted by dizzyladybug View Post
Ok, I have been to my GP and to an ENT and neither were very helpful. I'm hoping maybe I can describe whats going on and some of you will have some insight (fingers crossed).
I am 34 weeks pregnant (not sure if this has anything to do with it). And three weeks ago I got my first attack of vertigo in bed one night while trying to go to sleep. The spins only lasted a few minutes and then for the next few hours I would get this weird sensation in my head that would only last a few seconds. I have since had numerous other attacks of vertigo -each only lasting maybe a minute. The ENT at first thought it was BPPV, but when he did the tests for it, it did not elicit vertigo. Also, it doesn't really seem to matter what position my head is in. It happens regardless of what side I'm laying on at night, it happens at dinner, at lunch, in the shower, you get the picture. Lately it has been happening every other day and daily for the last two days. My last attack was last night at about 11:30. I can tell now when it is going to happen, I start feeling a little nauseas and a little anxious and i know its coming. It only lasted a minute but then came the little sensations every few minutes. Usually these only last a few hours, but it has been 15 hours and I'm still having them. The ENT had given me Meclizine, but it doesn't seem to relieve any of my symptoms. I even tried staying on it daily for five days straight to see if that would help.
Has anyone experienced anything like this? Does this sound like any particular type of diagnosis any of you have recieved? Could it be related to pregnancy?
As a side note, I have had rhinitis of pregnancy the entire pregnancy. Thats just where your nasal passages stay sort of swollen and you basically have a stuffy nose the whole pregnancy. Don't know if this can cause it or not.

I am SO desperate for some sort of answer or someone who can relate to what I'm feeling. I hope to hear from some of you soon!!

Just wanted to say something.. I know how you feel (in a way!.. Im not pregnant and Im a guy.. so.. not exactly the same) but I have heard that in some cases pregnancy can cause vertigo.. but most likely anxiety will bring it on very quickly and also quite viciously too.. as this is what I have experienced.

Do you have pain in the ear? or perhaps.. headaches? Did you have a sinus infection or a cold/flu before this all began? Also, you mention it only lasts a few seconds at a time, and that you can almost feel it coming on. It sounds like either BPPV or Labyrinthitis. Im not a doctor or anything, but with a little bit of information I may be able to help you out more.. both BPPV and Labyrithitis are scary, and I sympathise with you. All I can say is try to relax more, get good sleep and eat as well as possible.. Cutting out as much stress as you can also may help you.. as anxiety attacks/panic attacks can cause a sudden vertigo attack with these conditions.

I have personally had the same symptoms as you, and saw a doctor online (I hate going to the doctors office in person) and he said I have an inner ear infection - which is labyrithitis.

Take care


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