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Re: New and Scared! Opinions please!

I haven't been sick at all prior to the attack. Other than some mild stuffiness that I've had the whole pregnancy. The ENT checked my ears and said no ear infection so I don't think that's it. I don't have any other symptoms when I have an attack. Sometimes it can make me a little nauseas, but other than that I'm physically fine. No headaches or numbness or ear pain or anything like that.
I DO have a history of anxiety and normally take meds for it, but haven't been on meds during pregnancy. The first couple of times it happened I had panic attacks with it bc I didn't know what was happening to me. But since then, since I know that vertigo doesn't actually harm you, I haven't had any more attacks with them.
It could be just anxiety in general I guess. Hard to say. I don't feel anxious, but I know from experience that anxiety can often be underlying.
I pray its just from pregnancy and will go as quickly as it came, but these sensations are really starting to worry me. They haven't went away yet.
Thank you so much for responding though - it helps to not feel so alone!