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Re: 4 hours a night sleep

There are plenty of things you can try before trying ambien or lunesta. L-theanine is an amino acid and it is very relaxing. I use 100mg and it seems to be enough. My naturopath told me I could go up to 200mg but never have. A calcium/magnesium supplement is also very relaxing. There is a fizzy powder drink that my whole family uses as needed. One is called Natures Calm and the other is Ionic Fizz. Most people are deficient in magnesium and that can cause muscle twitches and a feeling of anxiety. You mix it in water before bed and drink it. I've even given it to my boys. Just don't overdue it because magnesium can be like a laxative. The Seriphos (it's a phospholipd) will help with cortisol. These are all things the body needs and often times is deficient in because of stress (lack of sleep) maybe a less than optimum diet. I always tried to go with the nutrients, amino acids and minerals first because those are indigenous to the human body and most likely lacking. I found that many have been very helpful in one way or another.

If you want something safe and natural but not part of the human body makeup, passion flower is good and so is hops (if you can find it - home beer brewers clear out healthfood stores of it). Lavender oil spritzed on a pillow case.

You said you quit drinking, which is fantastic! Congratulations! I'm wondering if your body was having trouble adjusting to no sugar from the alcohol in the evening. Your blood sugar levels kind of go into a leveled state while you sleep. If for some reason your blood sugar level drops, your liver will secrete glycogen to get your blood sugar levels back to normal. In order for your liver to do that function, it needs cortisol. So if you get a shot of cortisol at 2,3,4 in the morning to help your liver do it's job, that could be where you wake and can't fall back to sleep. You could try having a protein snack before bed. Some yogurt, cheese and multi grain crackers and I've heard Irish Oatmeal is very good for sleep and blood sugar for overnight sleep. Maybe something to consider to help your liver function while you sleep.